Atlanta Accident Clinic      
Most back pain results from musculoskeletal disorders -auto accidents injury, neglect, or misuse.  Your spinal column forms a protective canal that houses the spinal cord, which is your body's primary communication line.  Poor posture, lack of exercise, over exertion, and misuse, accidents or injuries can force a vertebrae or a disc out of place.  This misalignment can put pressure on sensitive spinal nerves, interrupting the nerve flow and causing pain and other related problems.            
Dr. Hughes is specially skilled in treating spinal misalignments.  His diagnostic capabilities enable him to pin-point structural problems using the latest computer technology. His safe and gentle adjusting methods offer patients relief from pain and restore function and mobility to affected joints.  He then helps patients maintain a symptom-free lifestyle by educating them on the proper care and maintenance of a healthy back and nervous system.
If you were in accident call for an immediate appointment.  Many Auto Accident injuries are hidden and seldom detected for months.  We will run an EMG computer test and give you your results immediately. We are conveniently located and open from 9am until 7pm Monday thru Friday.  Chiropractic care is one of the most effective methods in treating your pain.  Take control of your health.  Call Atlanta Accident Clinic 404) 875-3020.